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Our history

The Cannon d’Oro restaurant was founded in 1876 as a refreshment inn for passing strangers to whom it offered typical Monferrato dishes.
In the early twentieth century the Cannon d’Oro, thanks to the prestige it acquired, was also frequented by Prince Umberto of Savoy. Even today you can have lunch in the Prince’s room and in the next room, which have preserved the period furnishings and the charm of ancient Piedmont.

For over half a century, the Tortia family has been welcoming food and wine tourists and small groups with cordiality and simplicity, offering them traditional Piedmontese dishes and wines.

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The Piedmontese cuisine

Our kitchen offers the typical dishes of the Monferrato countryside tradition for gourmets and gastronomic tourists, since 1840.

The owner Paolo, born in 1935 and self-taught chef, has acquired the secrets of traditional recipes from the great chefs who have succeeded in the restaurants of Cocconato as well as the passion for “cooking” which, as Pellegrino Artusi said:

She is a rascal; often and willingly it causes despair, but it also gives pleasure, because when you succeed or when you have overcome a difficulty, you feel complacency and sing victory ”.

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Our rooms

The hotel rooms have their strengths in simplicity and essentiality as well as in the management followed directly by the owners.

The Cannon d’Oro Hotel is located in Cocconato d’Asti, in the heart of Monferrato between Asti and Turin, and consists of rooms with a panoramic view of the Asti hills, and offers the ideal hospitality for the food and wine tourist.

Each room has a sober colored furniture that also recalls the different types of wines.

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Services and much more

We recommend and organize visits to local companies of typical products – wines, cheeses, cured meats, local products – in sites of historical interest, for example. Romanesque churches, religious or naturalistic itineraries with country walks, visits to organic herbalist and cosmetic companies.
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